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    Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Life has been hectic! I can't remember if I posted it here, but the doctor I'm going to see about possible Lyme disease called and had a cancellation for next Thursday, so they were able to move my appointment up again. Less than a week now... YAY. The closer it gets, the more I feel a little depressed. It's basically the last thing to rule out before giving in to a diagnosis of MS. I don't *want* to have Lyme disease, but I clearly have something, and I'd rather have it than MS. At least it is possible to beat Lyme. There's no cure at all for MS. Just treatments for symptoms and a few treatments that can slow the rate of relapses by like 30%. Ugh. I keep trying to tell myself that it was not a coincidence that I didn't start feeling better until I took some antibiotics. It's stressful.

    Lauren - Sean starts preschool this coming Wednesday... I'm so nervous!! Mostly about the peanut allergy, but also about him in general... I hope he makes some little friends and doesn't feel lonely or unhappy there.

    Virginia - Sorry the previa doesn't seem to be resolving. Blaaah! Glad baby boy #4 is healthy and happy in there, though.

    AFM - Three-day weekend, thank goodness. I am so sick of work already, and I've only been back for a month. Blah. Where is my winning lottery ticket so I can retire?

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    Hey All! Things here have been crazy. Work has been a 3 ring circus. Boys have been good but busy and DH and I have actually had some non-kid-related plans which is fun but hectic. I believe the job is going to make me an offer! They are flying the entire family down next weekend to tour the area with a realtor and I am HOPING get me an offer. It's all a little odd - they are flying us down but haven't given the offer yet. It's hard to know neighborhoods etc with out an offer. Sigh. But I'm trying to be patient. I'm the only person left, they all love me...sooo I'm really hoping b/c I'm very unhappy at work. I need a change. This could be really exciting. But c'mon OFFER.

    Mary - is Sean still doing the peanut thing or did his stomach problems stop him? I think Lyme is getting a ton of press because the rate of diagnosis has been so dramatically under reported. I really hope that's it for you b/c like you say you CAN beat it and the sooner the better!

    Virginia - I wish you had a better report on the previa but I'm glad he's a healthy baby.

    Hi everyone else!

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    Good luck, Katie. Sounds promising!
    GL to you, too, Mary.

    AFM: It could resolve, but it's a long shot, unless the last u/s was somehow incorrect. I'm so, so happy I've made it this far with no issues.
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