Baby #2 is.....

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Baby #2 is.....


A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly no questions asked another little BOY!! Smile I'm really excited to have 2 little boys 2 years apart. Now on to NAMING him oy vey....we have NO boy names we agree on -- NONE! He was sooo active in there to the point where it took forever to get some shots. He likes to hang low too which I actually was guessing based on feelings. It was kind of nice since the gal doing it was in training they talked about every shot so I know the baby looks fantastic. They did mention previa a couple times though Sad So I'm wondering if I'll have to go get a level 2 to check that more closely. I did last time too so not a huge deal, hopefully it will move like with Evan.

So we will be having 2 little boys Smile

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Eeek! Congratulations on another little boy, Katie!! How exciting!!! They'll be best buds!! Biggrin

You have plenty of time for your placenta to move before you get close to delivering, so I'm sure you'll be just fine! At least they're on top of it now, just in case! Biggrin

Congrats again!

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Congrats on becoming a member of Team Blue again Biggrin

Out of curiosity what is your EDD?

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11/24 (US) Thanksgiving! I'm hoping maybe to be a couple days early it would be nice b/c my sister comes home for thanksgiving so she'd get to see him all teeny tiny Smile

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Congrats on Team Blue!

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Yahoo it's so much fun having boys.

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Congrats!! Yahoo It doesn't seem right that you are "already" finding out the gender! lol Anyway, that'll be such fun for you to have 2 little boys so close & I'm sure you'll be playing referee many times in the years to come Wink

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Congrats on another little boy! Smile

P.S. My Evan says 11/23 is a good day to be born!

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awesome!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

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Grats on your baby boy!!!

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Thanks ladies!

karen I'd like 11/20 or 11/21 so I'm home before Turkey Day Smile I love Thanksgiving Dinner!

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OMG, I hate work.. I can't believe I missed this news yesterday!!! LOL. I'm so excited for you. Yahoo I love having two boys so far and it'll be fun to share stories of the craziness with another mama of boys. Smile

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Congrats on a another little boy!!

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Yahoo Congratulations!!! GL on coming up with a boy name! Boy names are always difficult for me and DH! Can't believe you're so far along!

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CONGRATULATIONS on another little boy!! How much fun!!!!!