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Been busy!

Hi everyone! sorry I haven't had time to post much. my 22 month old son and 8 week old daughter are keeping me busy and crazy all at the same time! My husband started over the road truck driving so he has been gone for 5 weeks and I am taking care of the kids, house, horses, and just started back to work part time. Anyone else have a SO or DH who is gone a lot? How do you manage the kids by yourself? I have some help from his mom and dad but still its tough. I will try to post some pics of the kids whenever I get more than a minutes peace! Hope everyone is happy and healthy and so are the babies!

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Wow, life is sure keeping you busy!! Glad the kiddos are doing well. Sorry, I'm not help on the DH being gone front, so I don't have any advice for you... It sure does sound tough, though!

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Oh cool... I just noticed that your kids have the EXACT same spacing as my kids. 20 months, clear down to the 2-day difference in the day of the month. Too funny! So anyway, I have no advice on the DH bring gone a lot... But I might be a good one to talk to about other things since I've BTDT with the same spacing. Smile Good luck managing all that on your own... Ugh, I can't imagine. My two drive me insane and my DH is a SAHD, so he's ALWAYS here. LOL.

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sorry DH is gone so much. I can't imagine how tough that would be. Mine thankfully isn't usually gone, but he does work really long hours some weeks. I think what helps most is getting out of the house for at least a little while each day, using a routine to break the day down into manageable chunks, and getting the kids to bed early. Good luck.

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Sounds like you have your hands full, sorry to hear your DH is away a lot. I don't have any advice, when I am left alone I still have a 13 year old to help take care of my 3 year old. If you can afford it maybe hire a baby sitter for short periods to give you a break.

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Thanks everyone! Mary, yes they are very similar in age and you live in ohio too! lol small world. Thanks for all the support ladies I have missed you all! DH is finally home after 5 weeks gone. so he is here for a week and then gone again. we are trying to make the most of it and DS is so happy to have his daddy home:)