Beta #3 (X-Post)

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Beta #3 (X-Post)

Beta #1 - 30 (11dpo)
Beta #2 - 2,039 (18dpo)
Beta #3 - 29,867 (26dpo)

I asked my nurse if there was still a possibility of twins and she was sorta vague, then said no. So I feel a bit relieved. Twins would be amazing, but the thought of having 2 with a 16-month-old is a bit overwhelming!

I couldn't help but look on BetaBase and from my research my numbers are still seeming high. (Especially since HCG stops doubling every 48 hours after it hits 6,000+, it doubles every 96 hours or so after it reaches that high.)

M/S hasn't hit yet. I'm not counting on it to stay gone forever, but my this time last pregnancy, I was :puke2: and miserable! So I'm counting each day lucky! Wink

The exhaustion is a different story! I'm DRAGGING! I went to bed at 8pm last night. I might make that my new bedtime for awhile. ROFL

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Yay for great betas! That's awesome! :woohoo: And I'm glad you're relieved about no twins! I agree, that would be a TON of work along with a 16 month old!

Hope the m/s stays away for you this time!!

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I do agree twins and a 16 month old is a bit daunting -- and the daycare bill oy! BUT if it were the case if anyone could do it I know you could Smile But YAY for amazing betas and a nice strong bean in there!

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sounds great! Sorry you're so tired. That hit me early with all my pregnancies. Hope the m/s stays away! Maybe you've got a little boy this time. Smile
And I never had betas done, but I'm pretty sure I run high. There's a lot of variation between women. :shrug:

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I agree... There's huge variation in HCG, so I don't think they could use that alone to say twins or no. Maybe that plus only seeing one sac? Anyway, woohoo for one healthy little bean! I'm sure one new LO plus Claire will be plenty to keep you busy for a while! Biggrin

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They are awesom numbers!!!!
So happy lovely

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awesome! I'm so happy for you!!!!

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Yahoo Those are great #s!! You never know when it comes to m/s...mine came at about the same time both pregnancies (like 7 weeks I think) but was a lot less horrible with my second pregnancy. Hope it just stays away from you though!!

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Glad you got such great numbers!!

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Congrats for the great numbers! Hope it's not twins...twins are to much work and I can't imagine with a 16 month old! hehe! Wink :rolleyes: