Cari, Karen, and Sherie

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Cari, Karen, and Sherie

How are you ladies doing?

Cari - any news? Did the spotting stop or turn into AF?

Karen - it's been a long time! How are you? How are the boys? Your oldest is starting first grade in the fall, right? Is he excited?

Sherie - how are you feeling? Have you and your DH gotten used to the idea of another?

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I do hope all you ladies are doing well, would love to see updates.

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I hope some of them check in... I'm dying for updates!

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I'm here. I still come and read a lot but usually I'm too lazy to log on 15 times (I dont know why it wont keep me logged on anymore) to post. The boys are good. Mason will be 6 on Wednesday and Aiden will be 3 exactly a month after. I have no idea how they got to be so big! Mason will be in first grade in the fall. He is excited but he is enjoying his summer of pool time, zoo and video games too. I don't think I'm going to send Aiden to preschool this year (other than the days he is already at daycare) because he won't be able to attend K until he is 6 because of his August birthday. Evan is 19 months and crazier than the other 2 put together. He is hillarious tho!

I've been good but busy. DH has been working 12 hour days and 6 hour Saturdays most weeks and while the money is nice it doesnt give him a lot of extra time. We went to Vegas in May. Which is the first real vacation we have ever taken together, without kids, in 10 years. I think we deserved it Wink

I think most everyone probably sees my facebook updates (and the overload of pics of the boys) but thats the update for those of you not on there and interested Smile

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So good to hear from you Karen! I love all the pics of the boys on FB! It looks like you're having a fun summer. Woo hoo for a Las Vegas trip! I'm jealous.

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OMG Ladies,
I don't have time to get on anymore. My kids are soooo busy. I feel like I don't even have time to breath! So sorry for the late update and thank you so much for thinking about me.
Well we are still in shock but not the wanting to end it all shock just like wow another so soon shock. I am five months and am so happy to announce it's a BOY!! I'm inlove all over again. I am inhaling these moments with my lil o e since I know for sure this is it for us. The DH and I are still working through things but he is excited to have a jr finally. I will be also having my very first baby shower, I'm going out in style Ladies. I will try my best to
check in more. Thanks once again for checking on me.