Claire is ONE!

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Claire is ONE!

Claire had her 1 year check up on Friday! Smile She's 20lb, 6.5oz (35%) and 29.25" long (50%)! She is on soy milk due to a dairy sensitivity (just like her Momma!) but she's doing great. I had thought that she was getting a tooth at the end of December, but I was proven wrong. She's still rockin' her sweet gummy smile! For those of you not on FB, here are some of her pictures from her 1 year photoshoot!

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I saw the photo's on Facebook, they were well done, looks like Claire had lots of fun.

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so cute!
My siblings and I were late teethers, too. Unfortunately, my kids have gotten theirs at 5-7m. (unfortunately because I BF)

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I cannot believe she's already one!! Adorable pictures! You're such a cute family. Smile

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Can't believe it's been a year already! Love the pics!! I saw them on FB!! She is TOO cute!!

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So cute and happy birthday to claire! Are u getting excited for ur little boy? love the belly in the one pic you are a cute little family:)