Cooper Joseph's Birthday!

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Cooper Joseph's Birthday!

Cooper Jospeh
Born April 25, 2012 @ 11:25pm
Weighs 7lbs, 19" long

The morning of April 25, I woke up at 2:30am with contractions. I didn't think much of it because I'd been up hurting the previous 4 nights prior. I tried my best to fall back asleep, but at 4am I awoke in pain again. I went to the bathroom because I know that a full bladder can cause contractions. That helped a bit, but when I awoke at 7am, I was still in pain. I took Claire into daycare. Her teacher said I looked pale with flushed cheeks. (She use to be a L&D nurse.)

I came home and sat on my yoga ball. I showered. I did some laundry and nested. I called Dr. P around 10:30am and I waited for DeeDee the triage nurse to call me back. She thought that L&D at Baylor was full and called to find out. Well goodness, I have to head to L&D at Centennial because Baylor was out of beds!

At 11am I arrived at hospital! It was weird walking into L&D, I'd never been here before and I didn't know where to go! Come to find out, I got the last room in L&D here. The room TV didn't work but I wasn't all that concerned about it.

Around 11:30 my nurse Rachel checked me. I was a tight 3cm. I was so excited because I was just 2cm on Monday! Mom arrived! I called Steven to let him know that they were doing some labs and started an IV. The nurse thinks I'm staying but Dr. P hasn't confirmed it yet. I told Steven to wait it out at work until I knew for sure. When I told him the nurse thinks I'm staying, he was silent for about 30 seconds! To say he was surprised is an understatement.

Around 12:30 I was checked again. I wasn't quite 4cm... I called Steven at work because I was admitted! He was shocked and said, "So this is really happening huh?!?" Ha! I would have thought it would have sunk in by now!

By 1:40 - Rachel started Pitocin. It was started incredibly low, so I wasn't in pain yet. 2:00 - Jules got off work and headed straight to the hospital! She was so excited!
Around 4:00 I could feel my contractions and they were painful. Was it the worst pain in the world? No, but I was terrified of my water breaking without the epidural. I learned my lesson last time! I pushed the Nurse Call button and said, "Yes, I'm interested in an epidural please." Mom and Steven burst out laughing. That made me crack up. The nurse that came in said, "I don't think you need one yet, but I'll let Dr. G know to come in."

Around 4:15 Dr. G arrived. He looked like he was straight out of med school... very young! About 20 minutes later the epidural was in. It took a few tries. I got REALLY nervous and my BP shot up. Once the epidural was in, I started getting the shakes and felt so very nauseous. Rachel was a great nurse and put a cool washcloth on my forehead. That helped tremendously! The foley catheter was put in. Goodness, I was STILL a loose 3cm, almost 4!

Dr. P. was suppose to come around 5, but she has a vaginal delivery and 2 c-sections to attend. She'll be here to break my water after that. My BP is back down to normal range. Mom and Jules are going to get Claire to bring her to see us!

Claire, Jules and mom came back. Claire ate Whataburger with Grams.
Whitney and Isabella came to visit.

By 6:15pm we were still just waiting for Dr. P to come break my water. It'll be awhile. Around 6:30 Mom and Claire went home. Jules will text Mom updates.

At 7:30 I was STILL only 4cm! Dr. P broke my water. Holy cow that was TONS of fluid. I heard all the gushing and it kept coming and coming!! The doctor and nurse were laughing! Jules was helping throw towels down! Steven said that if he knew it would've been like that, he would have videoed! Hilarious! Smile Dr. P had to go wash up because it splashed her!

I now have an internal monitor for contractions. This will help measure the intensity of the contractions better than the external belly one. Hooray for one less thing taped around my belly!

Around 8:30 I was feeling cramps and possible pressure. I was hopeful that I was progressing... Alas, I was still just 4cm! Ugh! I started moaning through my contractions and holding my breath. For some reason the epidural wasn't working on my left side; and I was lying on my left side. It just didn't make sense. Rachel told me to push my happy button but it didn't help. So she pushed it again. No relief... Even after 10 minutes I was still feeling pain.

By 9:30 - The Anesthesiologist topped me off. I was in pain! Rachel and Jules kept flipping me side to side in order to help dilation. I was now on a time clock. Dr. P gave me one more hour to show some progress. If not, I'd have a c-section. The thought of a c-section terrified me. I started asking Julie (my night L&D nurse) questions about it just in case it happened. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for it so I wouldn't be a complete wreck if it came to be.

10:30 - Dr. P arrived and I felt so stressed from worrying about a possible c-section. I remember singing "dun dun dunnnn..." when she arrived to check me. Imagine the excitement when she announced that I was now 8cm and Cooper was at zero station!! Everyone in the room was relieved! Whew!

10:50 - Nurses started setting up the room for delivery and baby stuff!

11:15 - I start feeling pressure, but I wasn't for sure. Julie (my night nurse) came in and I told her that I might be feeling pressure. As soon as I mentioned it, Dr. P arrived and said that according to Cooper's heart rate, she thought I was complete! She checked me, I was completely dilated and his head was right there! Smile She had me do a few practice pushes and then decided it was time to deliver!

My legs were extra floppy (think Gumby!) so Jules and Steven had to help me get them in the stirrups and hold them each time I pushed. I could not feel a thing, but with Dr. P, Jules, Steven and Julie (my nurse) cheering me on, I knew exactly what to do. Before I knew it, Steven was telling me that his head was out!

Dr. P said that his eyes were wide open as soon as his head popped out!

11:25pm - Cooper is born! I helped pull him to my belly and Steven cut the cord! Cooper stayed on my chest and cried and was so alert! It was amazing!

APGAR scores 8/9. He was a bit floppy!

Cooper got his first bath while Auntie Jules and Steven took pictures and I watched from a few feet away. Dr. P worked on me for a bit. I tore (2nd degree) a tiny bit in my previous episiotomy spot and I had a small "skid mark".

My placenta came out without much effort. All I had to do was lay there. Dr. P pushed on my belly and out it popped!

After Cooper's bath I held him a lot. I bawled from sheer amazement that he came so incredibly fast and the pure love that I automatically felt. Jules and Steven played paparazzi and I text friends and family the news of his arrival!

Cooper nursed for about 20 minutes on each side while I ate a turkey sandwich and animal crackers. Sprite never tasted so good. We cuddled skin to skin and we both fell asleep. It was precious!

pico83 (not verified)

Congratulations! I love the pictures. You look great and I love the one of his asleep on your chest. Biggrin

I have to tell you, his birth stats are almost the same as Oliver's. Oliver was 12:50am on April 26, 6lb 14oz and 19.5"

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Congrats laura Lol I love your pictures!! They are so freaking lovely! I'd so frame that picture of you and cooper sleeping together Smile

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Congrats! You look amazing and he is a BEAUTIFUL baby!

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OMG, you just gave me instant baby fever!! Awesome story and pics. I was laughing at your epidural request, hahahah. Wink Congrats Laura!

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Congratulations momma!!! Great birth story! I'm so so so happy for you!

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Congrats!! I just love all the pictures too. He's simply adorable and I just LOVE his name Smile

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Congratulations, Laura!! He is so precious!! What a great story!!

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Thanks ladies! Smile

Mary - I'm sorry about the instant baby fever! Wink Thinking of #3 already?