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lots of photos and a few questions

first the critters
ponies small are 4.5" large are 6" tall (may $10 and $12)

dinos: 6-12" long (t-rex is biggest) (oh, goodness, I'm stuck on pricing these)
I have patterns I've made for a dozen species, but I think I'll try to stick to a few popular ones like triceratops, t-rex, stegosaurus, and maybe apatosaurus.

turtles: 3 1/2" ($7-8 )

baby stuff
hat and bootie sets ($8 or $10)

I'm thinking of putting some in baskets like this with a flannel blanket and crochet ducky (maybe $20?)

here are the blankets I have

and a couple fleece ones

and the duckies. I was planning to just use them in the baskets, but I love them like this, too

some boots, 0-6m but I might make a few 6-12m, too (maybe $7-8 )

I also have some flower headbands but I didn't get a picture of those. They'll be $3.
and I have a spider pattern and dragon pattern I made, but I doubt either would get much interest

the questions... what do you like?
what don't you like?
would you actually buy any of these if you saw them at a craft fair?
what do you think would be most popular?
is the rainbow fleece baby blankie pretty gender neutral or too girly?
should I add anything to the baby basket?
does this seem like a good assortment or should I try to get around to making some of these PlanetJune by June Gilbank ? Mop Top Mascots
how the heck am I going to be ready in just 3 weeks? (okay, that's for me to answer, but... yikes. I know I need a lot more ponies and dinos.)

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I love love love the little turtles! You are so talented!

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The crochet animals are awesome, great work.

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omg, I love them all!! I was also personally in love with the little turtles. But our boys have a ton of dinosaur stuff (including dino bedding) so I love, love, love the dinos too. My inner 8-year-old girl LOVES the ponies (I was all into My Little Pony, hahah). The hat and bootie sets are precious. One thing I've noticed, hat and diaper cover sets are also wickedly popular at the moment. Not that you need to do that, but if you're ever looking for more stuff to make, that's an idea.

Yes, I'd totally buy these for the kiddos.

I'm guessing a lot of people would probably consider the rainbow fleece girly since it has the pink in there.

I think you've got a good assortment. You could always add the other ones if you had time, but if not, I don't think it's essential. Smile Don't write off the spiders and dragons. I'd love seeing those in the mix too! Wink

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Mary funny you mention spiders as a good idea, that is the only stuffed toy that is mine any more, it's a Big TY Beanie Buddie. Most of my stuffed toys got donated to Good Will when we moved into our current house, the only reason it survived the cut is that it was packed away with computer stuff (he's my desk buddy).

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All so adorable and great! If my kids saw the ponies and the dinosaurs anywhere they would beg for me to buy them! My mom just took Grace to a local craft fair last weekend and she got one of those super soft quilted teddy bears and she has slept with it every night. Smile