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    Ya and if you do the math on what we put away it's still a little shy of retiring between 60 and 65. I've watched my inlaws struggle to make ends meet and DH and I have talked a lot about NOT going down that path. So we maximize company matching and focus on minimizing debt. Being able to retire scares the hell out of me.

    My other thing is with what DH and I make my kids won't get much in the way of need based financial aid. I have about $30K in loans but they are ALL low interest federal loans. Not that scary. But I qualified for them b/c I had a single mother with another kid at home who got no child support and was a teaching with minimal savings. I mean we never ever went with out but between scholarships for being smart (and being a girl....RPI needed girls....) and gov't loans I didn't have a lot of stress. Chances are my kids aren't going to fall in the category of kids who will get much and private loans are way crazier with interest rates and repayment. Then of course you have all the chaos in the gov't wanting to do away with some of the low interest gov't options..... I doubt they'll get out loan free but I still hope we can help them keep it reasonable.

    Families and money and retirement is stressful.....
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    Geez you guys are responsible We put 5% into retirement and I thought we were doing good! We try to put 1000-1500 back / year for the kids but even that is hard. I figure by the time they are 18 it will still help.
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    DH and I started out wanting 4. We LOVE parenthood. I love being pregnant, breastfeeding, etc... My pregnancy was pretty uncomplicated until delivery with my high BP and all. But even after all that, I'd do it at least 3 more times!

    But, we'd also like to do fun stuff as a family. So we're leaning more towards just 2 or 3. If the next one is a boy, we might be done. If it's another girl, we'd most likely have 1 more.

    That being said, we're JLIH right now.
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