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    Default Hi everyone!

    Hey strangers! Its been almost a year since I was on here last... I have been reading through the boards the last hour or so and can't believe how much has changed.

    I am going to try to stay more active on the boards starting now. This is the first time in over a year that life has actually allowed the time to just sit down and browse the internet. I know I have been following a couple of you on Facebook, and it has been wonderful to see all the babies growing up.

    Emmy and I are doing great. She turned 2 on May 29 and is my motiviation in life. My husband and I divorced January 2011 and since then I have become a full time working & part-time student single mom. I have been working 8-5 Mon-Fri and going to school every day 5:30-8pm. Now, I have the opportunity to devote more time to school and now go to class 8am-12, then work 1-5pm. It's the greatest thing in the world to be able to put my daughter to bed at night once again. My family has been the biggest help and support to get me through everything.

    Anyway, I want to hear more about everyone. HOW ARE YOU? How are the babies? Please let me know! I have missed you guys so much and am so sorry for deserting you. Sometimes life seriously does get in the way!

    Here are some recent pics of Emmy...

    Thank for reading... Looking forward to participating in the boards again. I need this outlet to relieve some stress every once in awhile!

    Katelyn & Emmy
    {{ Katelyn }}

    Emersyn Marie, May 29, 2010

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    Wow, it's so great to hear from you again!!!!

    You certainly sound busy! I'm glad your schedule has opened up a bit so you can see your sweet little girl more. I'm sorry to hear about the divorce, but I'm glad your family is super supportive and making life easier!

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    It's good to hear from you! I'm sorry to hear about the divorce. I'm glad your family has been able to help out. Emmy is beautiful. I can't believe how big she's getting!
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    TTA, but would welcome a surprise

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    Welcome back!! I can't believe how big Emmy is getting!
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    I check out your pics on FB and I think Emmy is the most beautiful little girl! You must be a very proud mama! I'm glad to "see" you around again

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    Good to see you again, your little girl is adorable. I try to keep all my updates in the monthly chat threads.

    * Amanda *

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    Your little girl is adorable! She has the prettiest eyes. I'm sorry to hear about the divorce, but I'm glad you're doing well.

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