Hi ladies..

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Hi ladies..

Just updating! Hope everyone is doing great. Biggrin

Brian & Kaylie are already 1 year old (can't believe how fast this past year went). Kaylie walks, but Brian doesn't, he just crawled around the house like crazy and very fast, hehehe. I think he have fear of walking or maybe because his big brother push him sometimes :confused: . Darian still jealous sometimes with both of them, even though I'm the same with the 3, (I love them equally). Maybe when he gets older he change his behavior with his siblings. Darian is doing good at preschool he already know how to write his name and do very beautiful drawings. Teacher suggest me to put him on an art class or something.

Another thing, I'm going nuts, cause I have so many things to do. I'm moving this month to Florida. DH is working as a consultant and right now he is at Buffalo, NY and I'm alone with three kids :rolleyes: . Is kind of hard doing things and moving with three kids. So wish me luck!

Here are some pics of my babies.




Take care all!

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Brian and Kaylie are cuties, Darian is getting so big. Sounds like you are pretty busy there, hope the move goes smoothly.

pico83 (not verified)

Your twins are adorable! Darian looks like such a big boy now. Wow. I'm glad he's doing so well at school. Good luck with the move. And extra good luck handling the kids without DH!

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Glad everyone is doing so well! What a bunch of cuties you have!!!

GL packing/moving on your own. I wish you lots of luck, that's got to be incredibly stressful! Hopefully you have some friends/family that can help out a bit.

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Wow, they are getting so big!! And soooo cute! I hope all goes well with your move to FL. You'll have to update us again once you get settled in there. Good luck... Can't imagine doing that alone with the three little ones. Thanks for the updates!