how many?

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how many?

So have any of you ladies decided yet how many children you want? I am pretty happy and busy with two, but I entertain the idea of a third down the road . Definately would wait until these two are a little older. Three kids in diapers is too many! lol How about everyone else?

pico83 (not verified)

oh, who knows. Wink We're on for TTC #4 in maybe 4-6 months. After that, we'll see.

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Since DH had the big V we are done at 2.

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We may be done with 2, definitely not more than 3 for us

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Hoping for 3, but we've got stuff going on in the upcoming couple of years, as we're trying to sell our house and move. Plus, I'd like a little more spacing for the next one... Yeah, at least one of these little boys needs to get out of diapers first.

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We're pretty set on TTC for one more and we'll probably aim for similar spacing (my two are 23 months apart). My two are a lot of work and sometimes I'm not sure how I'll handle another one, but I'm sure just like going from 1 to 2, I'll figure it out Smile

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DH says we're done after this one (so, 2), but I'm holding out for a possible #3. I don't want to make any decisions anytime soon, and totally want to see what life is like with 2 before I definitely say yes or no. I figure by the time this one is 2, we'll have made a final decision!

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We think we're done once Cooper arrives, but we're not 100% sure on that decision. Therefore we're not doing anything permanent as far as BC goes.

I'm so nervous about having 2 that I can't imagine having a 3rd anytime soon. If we decide on a 3rd, the spacing would be a LOT different than Cooper and Claire. (16m) Smile

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I think there is a good chance we are done. Not doing anything permanent yet since we are still both relatively young.

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We are done here! Dh had the vasectomy done, which i'm really happy about it! Smile since we don't want to have another set of twins! Wink