I haven't be here for a while .....

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I haven't be here for a while .....

Hi ladies!

How you all doing?

I'm doing okay! I think i post before i move from puerto rico to tampa, now i'm in buffalo, ny (those who have me on fb maybe notice) Smile

i move here for two or three months to see if they give directly a job to dh with the bank he is working. If not we move back to florida on june and he stays working for the company he is working now.

To be honest i preferred to returned to florida. Here is too cold. I'm starting to hate the cold. I can't go anywhere because the twins get a cold very quickly and i hate that.
And right now here i don't have any family near, at least in florida i have my dad and two brothers.

Anyway, darian is so big, he is already 5 and starting kindergarden on august. Twins are good except for the cold. They already have 18 months and they are starting to say a couple of words, sometimes they have a conversation between them (in their own language, hehehe).

I think i'm going to post more often, have the time now...i'm not working and getting nuts at the same time with the kids Wink

take care all!

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it's good to hear from you! I hope things settle for you soon, and that you get to go back to FL. Personally, I'll take the cold. The boys and I all have trouble with hot weather. Lol

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Dealing with cold weather and little ones can be a bit of trouble, you do get used to it if you live in a colder climate for a while. Not sure I would be good with the constant heat since I've lived in Ontario my entire life, it's far easier to bundle up than it is to cool down.

Sounds like the kids are doing well, can't wait to hear more from you.

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It's good to hear from you! I agree, you'll get used to the cold eventually. Well, maybe. One of my coworkers is from Africa and he has lived here 10 years and still complains that it's too cold, haha. So maybe you won't get used to it. Wink

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It's so good to hear from you!!

Yeah, I'd rather live in FL too. haha. I am not a fan of winter!!

I hope everything works out for the best. Smile

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