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I saw your facebook post that today is BABY DAY!!! I'm so happy to hear that he decided to come before the scheduled induction. Please come back to update us all with a story and pictures once things settle down a bit!


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I hope Laura doesnt mind me posting this here but it was posted on our little FB group.

Born at 11:25pm
6lb 15.7oz
19" long

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Oh my goodness! That's almost the exact same as Oliver! He was 12:50am on the 26th, 6lbs 14oz, and 19.5". :party: Super exciting!

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Congrats, lady! WTTW Cooper!

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Congratulations, Laura!!

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Congratulations to Laura and her family! :party:

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Congrats Laura & family!!! Yahoo

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Congrats Laura he is perfect!

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YAY! Laura! congrats!

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Congrats to you and your family Laura, welcome Cooper.

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Thanks friends! Smile

I'll start a new thread with his birth story! He is such a sweetheart! Smile