my big boys

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my big boys

I'll do a little update, one at a time

I can't believe how quickly this boy is growing! By my home measurement, he's 26" and 17lbs! It amazes me, even though my other two were bigger.
He loves his jumper (mostly plays with the toys) and his exersaucer. He adores his big brothers and smiles and "talks" constantly. I just wish his sleep would get better again. He hasn't given me more than a 4 hour stretch in a week. I miss my 6-8 hour stretches!

Some recent pictures:
getting very big for his bouncy seat

he loves sitting in his bumbo at the activity gym

so happy

what a big boy! (I can't believe he still has his hair! His brothers were bald by now)

He's two! I can't believe it. He's 34lbs 10oz and 36 1/4". His head is now 99th percentile! He loved his birthday, except the cake. he had fun choosing it, but didn't want to eat it. Last night he ignored a slice and chose to finish off his broccoli from dinner instead. :doh: I guess he didn't get my sweet tooth! His favorite gift was a harmonica. He's been playing it constantly (and not terribly, either). He also loved his books and cars.

some pictures

and, since he was born at a reasonable hour, here are "birth minute" pictures

one year

two years

Oh, Raymond. The boy is funny, sweet, helpful, smart, and infuriating. :rolleyes: Yesterday he decided he wanted to only call DH and me by our first names. All day. He's been dressing himself recently, and his sense of style is... well... unique.

His imagination has taken off recently. He loves playing dress-up, and wants to climb every tree he finds (in this one his feet were maybe 8" off the ground)

By my home measurements, he is 42lbs and 42", but I could be off on either number.

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Yours boys are so stinkin adorable. I love Oliver's hair! Alex is a big boy. I think Aiden was 29 and halfish pounds. I can't believe he picked his broccoli over cake. Crazy boy! Smile And I love Raymonds sense of style. Boys are awesome Smile

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They are soooooo adorable! I love Raymond's outfit choices, especially the one with the hat and the one with the sunglasses. Too cute. Alex is precious... He's a big boy, but still has a sweet little baby face. Happy 2nd Birthday to him (a tad late, I've been a little MIA lately)! And Oliver is such a little cutie. Love the one of his big smile. Is he still darker complected than the older two? I think my Cal is definitely darker than Sean.

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ROFL Raymond cracks me up! That hat is hilarious!

Alex doesn't like cake? Send some to Texas! Biggrin

And sweet little (or not so little!) Oliver is precious! Love the one of him smiling!

Your 3 boys are so sweet! All these pictures makes me want another one soon! :eek:

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Love Raymond's outfits! I can't believe how big Alex is...Brekke doesn't even weigh TWENTY four pounds! Lol And Oliver seems so sweet and smiley! Such adorable boys you have.

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Thanks for sharing an update, I really like watching the boys grow, they are all still cuties.

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Posted in the wrong area OOPS :eek: