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need a laugh? (XP)

Yes, there's milk in the pump, but, NO, it's not from him! ROFL I was pumping after a feed (LO slept 7.5 hours last night, so I have a likely clogged duct again) and LO started crying so I stopped to deal with him... and DS1 decided he wanted to "make milk come out of [his] nipple!" He was thrilled when I took a pic. I wonder when he'll regret it.

He's a complete goofball around LO. Here he decided to share LO's soothie (they have a nipple on one side and a tab on the other, so he sucked on the tab)

And, during tummy time he and his doll just have to get involved.

When LO got upset and I flipped him over, DS1 and his doll flipped, too (the doll with DS1's help).

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ROFL Raymond is awesome!!

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HAHAHA love it!

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Too funny thanks for sharing.

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Haha! Awesome!!

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LOL How cute!

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LOL He will love that picture someday.

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what an awesome big brother! (And hold onto that picture until the day he brings home his fiancee...)

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LOL, you'll have to embarrass him with that one when he's in high school or something, hahahaha.

The one of them sharing the binkie cracks me up because Sean does the EXACT same thing and sucks on the little stem while Calvin has the nipple part in his mouth, hahahah.

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Raymond is HILARIOUS!! Biggrin What a ham! Love all the pictures!