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Yes, I have help! DH will be off for 3 more weeks. I'm taking iron 3x a day and as long as I get a decent amount of sleep I'm not doing too badly. I'm amazed how pale I look in pictures, but I'm getting by. Thankfully, I was taking a lot of iron while pregnant.

Arthur is very sweet and his brothers adore him. We have some work to do on sleep, obviously. Amazingly, he hasn't spit up yet. My others were all big spitters. I love the idea of having much less laundry this time. We'll see if it lasts. My milk has been in for a few days and he's eating well, so hopefully it will!

ETA: and, amazingly, I managed only a small 1st degree tear! It's so different only having a few stitches down there.

Mary - hah! I'm amazed the story makes you want to give birth again. I told DH right after that I was never doing that again. I bet I'll feel differently pretty soon, though. Forgetting is amazing. And it's wonderful having a newborn again. Biggrin

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I hope you continue to recover well! Your story and probably any story makes me itch for number three nothing on earth compares to that moment they are in your arms. Sigh. Baby fever. But I have a job to learn a house to sell and a new house to buy sooooo I need to keep myself in check Smile

No bites on the house I need to find my patience waahhh

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If my body hadn't totally crapped out on me, I'd consider pushing for a 4th, but there is just no way. I still don't have a diagnosis for this nervous system problem, but it seems to be at a plateau at least for now. I'm scared to rock the boat and get back to that point where I felt like I could barely walk again. Ugh.

We're heading home from Sean's peanut appointment now! He moved from liquid to capsules of peanut, still 50mg right now. Doc likes to repeat the previous dose one time when changing dosage forms due to possibility of some variability in the dose.. To be extra safe. He will have 4 pre dose increases of the capsules before eating a real peanut... If no setbacks, that will be around the first of the year. Crazy!

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Katie - I hope someone falls in love with your house soon! That's the part I will hate most when DH finds a new job - having a mortgage AND rent at the same time! EEK!

Mary - I can't believe how soon it'll be before Sean has a whole peanut! When he reaches "maintenance" how many peanuts will he have to eat each day/week for the rest of his life? I'm a little mad no one gave me any info when my peanut allergy was diagnosed, because honestly it wasn't (and hopefully isn't) a severe one. But from what I've read once you stop eating them altogether your body may become super sensitive to them and a more severe allergy may develop - so for all I know I'm developing a severe reaction. I doubt it, though, because my DH and Xander still often eat peanut stuff around me and there hasn't been any sort of issue, but who knows if I were to eat a peanut myself what would happen. It's the *what ifs* that suck. lol Had I known I may have continued eating very small portions from time to time. Or maybe not. haha. Honestly, Xander ate a mini snickers today in the car while I was driving and I could feel my throat closing up from anxiety - it wasn't an allergic reaction, totally anxiety. I felt fine about it til I started to smell it, then my stupid brain took over and that was that. I'm even the one that opened the damn thing and gave it to him! At least it's only peanuts that give me anxiety, though. I'm over the soy anxiety, especially once I read and my allergist confirmed that an anaphalactic reaction to soy is very rare... I've even started eating some foods with soybean oil in them (I was told they're fine since the protein is removed, just to be mindful the first time or two I eat them - usually only VERY severely sensitive people have issues). So yeah, no issues at all. PHEW! That opens up a few restaurant foods and some breads/tortillas/pitas. Woo hoo!

And there I go rambling about my stupid food allergies again! I'm sure all of you but Mary skimmed right on past all of that, haha.

Though one more thing - I do wonder if I should test the boys or not. My doctor isn't too concerned since I've never noticed any reactions in either of them (though Benjamin hasn't had any peanuts yet, but has had soy containing products - just no straight-up soy). BUT I've never had any sort of outwardly physical reaction - hives, rash, etc. and have never had a severe reaction with breathing, etc. so if they're like me, they wouldn't either. But it doesn't mean they're not allergic and having some sort of issue, kwim? But at the same time, I can remember being 14 and eating straight up tofu and having it make my mouth itch, so obviously i've been allergic for a loooong time now and it's never been much of an issue, other than an itchy mouth with pure forms of soy (I can't recall any soy-containing products like bread, etc. ever causing a problem). Still, the itchy mouth lasts all of 5-15 minutes, and it's not even that bad........ So is it worth making their lives annoying as crap to have them tested and find out they're allergic, when really they might be allergic but it's not really that bad of an allergy and something they can live with? I mean, if I didn't know what I know I could probably live with it just fine. But I know and and unfortunately have anxiety issues (though not as bad lately), so I don't think I could knowingly eat that stuff because the anxiety would be off the charts. Long story short, I don't think I'll have them tested unless I notice some sort of reaction. Part of me wants to, but I don't think I will............ But I will be very cautious introducing peanuts/pure soy/sesame to Benjamin since he hasn't had those things yet, just incase.

Sorry! hahaha

AFM - well I suppose that was basically my entire post. haha. I hope everyone had a good Halloween! We did, but Xander pooped out super early because the boy does not handle going to bed late at all, especially since giving up his daily nap (for the most part). He got in a good 50-60 minutes of trick-or-treating, though, and got some good candy. Not a ton, but I only let him have one piece a day (maybe two if it's tiny pieces), so it'll last us an eternity. It's probably a good thing he didn't last longer. haha. He was Sully from Monsters Inc. Benjamin just had a generic skeleton outfit. He goes to bed so early that I didn't feel the need to buy him an expensive costume when he'd just wear it for 20 minutes and be done with it. Yeah, I'm kind of cheap. I feel a little bad, actually, since it was his first Halloween. But whatever. At least I dressed him as something, sort of. heh

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I have no advice on the allergy stuff as I've been lucky enough to not struggle. Though just regular old seasonal allergies are driving me nuts here -- the new place seems to be triggering them. I had some growing up but grew out or adjusted. My eyes were itching like crazy today!

We had a great Halloween. Nothing too crazy but a local town had a little main street event. They blocked it all off and it was all young families and kids and just really nice. Both boys had a ball. Rory is OBSESSED with candy. Evan likes it enough but Rory is my one who asks and gets upset when the answer is no - go figure!

Is your DH looking for a new job Lauren? Would you be relocating? Come on down to NC...or go to NY and buy my house hahahaha

Ah, weekend Smile YAY! No plans! WOOHOO!