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I love your siggy picture of Aubree. What a perfect photo of a beautiful baby girl!

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Thank you!! I'm sorry I'm just now seeing this! Things have been super busy around here. She's growing up too quickly for being my last haha! 6 weeks as of yesterday.. waa waaa!! But she's changed so much since she was born and she looks SO much like Jacob!

oh a picture you ask, SURE, Here's a few more Wink (any excuse to show off my kids!! hahaha!!)

This is Aubree and DH-- 1 week old..

Another from the same photo shoot from my siggy.. 2 weeks

My babies from the same photo shoot... (He's IN LOVE with her!)

Jacob & Aubree 5 weeks.. I swear they look like twins, she's just bigger haha!

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They're both so precious! And yes, they totally look like twins!

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Wow, they do look really similar!

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I saw most of those on FB, absolutely adorable. They do look alike, definitely can tell they are siblings.