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Thread: Read Me: PAFG's Important Dates and Other Info

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    Default Read Me: PAFG's Important Dates and Other Info

    Thanks for the great idea, Misty!

    This will be the place where we can all keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates (like u/s and due dates, maybe?)

    I thought maybe we could also keep fun blinkies and smilies here as well.

    So, when you get a chance, please post whatever information you'd like me to include, and I'll get crackin' on the master list!

    BLINKIES: (please be kind and save to your own computer before using)

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    No problem! Lets important dates are:
    September 24, 2007- Michael's Due Date
    July 17- My Birthday
    October 29- Mike's birthday
    July 11- Our Anniversary

    I will try to add some blinkies later...I know lots of good ones but I need a bath right now! lol
    Misty and Mike
    Michael David-8/21/07 and Shane Alexander 6/11/08

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    Ooh, here's for me...
    My due date Feb 14, 2008
    My birthday Sept 5
    My anniversary Sept 10
    DH Jason's birthday Jan 24

    I thiiiiiink, that covers it all

    Oh I have tons o' blinkies....


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    My birthday March 20
    My anniversary July 16
    DH Troy's Bday August 4

    Momma to Daemon Aras 7/8/08 and
    Orson Graeme 7/1/10

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