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Hi everyone! its been a long time since I have been on here but thought I would stop in to give an update!
Justin is growing like a weed. He is a year and a half already! and I only have 6 weeks left in this pregnancy until We meet our little girl who we have decided to name Emily!
We are also in the process of closing our horse boarding business down as I work as a vet tech and my hubby is going back to school to get his CDL! So we are going to be making a move here soon which will be fun while preggo! But it really is for the best. Hope everyone is healthy and happy and doing well!


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I'm glad you're all doing well! Good luck with the move so late in pregnancy.

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Glad you stopped in and are doing well, try to say hi a bit more often.

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Glad to hear everything is going well!! I can't believe your little girl is almost here! WOW! Can't wait to "meet" her!

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Hi there! I can't believe your almost ready to have her. I can't wait to "hear" how it goes!!! Congrats on the new changes in life.