Update! :) XP

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Update! :) XP

Hi everyone! I know I have been scarce around here recently, but that's because a.) I've been so freakin' exhausted I've barely been on ANY of the boards I keep up with here, and b.) with everything so up in the air with this pregnancy, I just wasn't in the mood!

Anyhow, we had our repeat u/s yesterday, and everything looks fantastic! Baby measured right on my EDD, and we got to see AND hear that beautiful HB of 180 bpm! We even got to see a little bit of movement, too!! The u/s tech said that she didn't see the "spot" on my uterus that was seen two weeks ago, and that it looked like everything had resolved itself! So, in her professional opinion, she's calling it a small subchorionic bleed that resolved itself and we should be good to go! My spotting has all but stopped, so she said it should be gone fully very soon.

So yeah, I think I'm here to stick around and will be much more active! Smile

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Hooray!! I'm so glad that everything is resolving itself! Smile

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Yahoo So glad to hear it!!

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Glad to hear an update from you and that it's good news.

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great news!

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YAYYY for good news!! Smile Congrats (again)

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Great news! I'm so happy to hear that!

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Just now saw this, oops! I'm glad to hear you got some great news!!

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That is wonderful news!!