Anyone Losing weight while PG

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Anyone Losing weight while PG

So far I have lost 15 pds. I think it's b/c I am eating healthier, walking more and b/c I have GDM.

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I lost 40 lbs while pregnant with my son. I was eating 3000 calories/day (healthy ones but that still is a lot of food! ) and still losing. My son was a preemie due to other concerns and so he was small but very healthy.

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I would love to lose weight while preggo....I too, will be eating healthier and will be walking more. I will of course be consulting with my Dr. but I need to lose weight for the babies sake..and my own. I gained 20 pounds with my first pregnancy, lost it all, then gained it all back (Thank you grad school!!). I am hoping with this one I can actually stay at my current weight or lose's wishful thinking for no weight gain!! Congrats on the 15 pounds!

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I lost during my pregnancy with my son. I lost 18 pounds in the 1st 2 trimesters and then in the thrid I only put on 15 pounds. I walked out of the hospital 3 pounds lighter than when I got my BFP.

I wasn't trying to loose the weight but I was craving healthy foods. The doctor wasn't worried about me loosing weight sicne I have plenty to spare. HH9M

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I was doing the low carb thing when I found out I was prego with #4, and I had lost about 10 lbs. I'm about 30 lbs lighter with this baby than I was with DD, so I'm happy about that. I did tons of research of weight loss during pregnancy and most everything I read said that it was just easier and healthier for baby if you keep your caloric intake at 2000 calories per day throughout your pregnancy, that way baby gets the proper nutrition and you only gain the weight of the baby!

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Hi! I'm should have joined over here awhile ago.

In the beginning of my pregnancy I was losing weight. I also had MS, but I was eating healthier and better and exercising. My doctor was concerned, but baby was growing fine. I wanted to tell him, "I'm making better health choices for my child and myself, shouldn't thi be a good thing."

Now that Iam nearing the end of my pregnancy, I started to gain and eat more. I am still trying to make healthy choices. Everytime I get on the scael I cringe. I hope I can lose the weight. I just want to be healthy, that's all.