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I had no idea this board was here until I was running down the list looking around tonight.
I'm Renee (41) DH is David (42) we are expecting our 2nd child in January, our DS David is 5.

I am glad I found this board because there are alot of us out there who are plus sized! Look forward to chatting with you all!

BTW..where is everyone getting their maternity clothes? Lane Bryant used to sell them but no more so it seems the only other option is Motherhood? I did hit the motherloade when my Cousins wife gave me a big bag of beautiful maternity summer clothes but I am going to need to stock up on the winter clothes!

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Old Navy has them, but can only get them online. They run a bit big too IMO. Congrats on your second!

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Hi - I got some from JC Penney too, but online - you can return at a store though. Congrats!

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Hello there! I get mine from Motherhood, but the GAP makes some beautiful and comfy maternity clothes as well!