Plus Sized Maternity Bathing Suits.

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Plus Sized Maternity Bathing Suits.

Having a hard time finding a bathing suit that I actually like. Motherhood has ok Bathing suits, but not really what I am looking for. Do you think I could just go up a size in the bathing suit?

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Check out Old Navy or the Gap, but online, as they hardly sell any maternity stuff in stores but have tons online!

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I found mine at Target in the maternity section. It actually fit and wasn't made for a size 6 pregnancy woman like post of their stuff. (I had to buy a 3XXX maternity shirt from there).

I like it because it's a tankini top and the bottoms are a nice sort and long enough so I don't feel so self-conscience in them.

Good Luck!

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I also got mine online.. they have a wide variety to choose from.