Plus-Sized Maternity Clothes

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Plus-Sized Maternity Clothes

Any good ideas for a FT (plus-sized) M for where to buy maternity clothes? I have only a handful of clothes that are comfy at this point.

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When I was pregnant I got stuff from Motherhood Maternity, JCPenney, and Lane Bryant - I'm tall, about a size 24 and the sizing on the clothes is all over the place. Lane Bryant only sold their maternity stuff on line though - that was about 3 years ago. Start wearing it ASAP b/c you might not feel like you are showing but you will be gradually stretching out your pre-pregnancy clothes and they won't fit right afterwards. I found some decent stuff on EBay too, but only got stuff if I was sure it was a brand that was going to fit well.

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Almost everything I have is from the Target maternity section. Their sizes aren't bad, but the best part is that the shirts are LONG with makes it much easier.

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I mostly don't bother with maternity clothes, although I did have a few things from JC Penney last time. Shopko has a fantastic selection of plus-sized tops, some really comfy black stretch pants. Target, in their regular plus size area, has some of the most comfortable pants I've ever seen. I also ordered yoga pants from Catherine's and Lane Bryant online on sale, some of the pants will be first tri and postpartum, but some of them would fit me if I had triplets, you know?

I haven't found that things stretched out too much, but most of the stuff I have is pretty stretchy anyway.

I find I don't tend to look "pregnant" vs just "fatter" until quite a long way into pregnancy. Something about the way my boobs grow, my belly just doesn't catch up very fast.

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Old Navy, but you can only buy it online!

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Old Navy ( online) Motherhood (online and in the store) Jcpenny (online).

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Great advice ladies...its unfortunate though that most of these plus size maternity clothes are only online!! Frustrating...

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"Erin Elizabeth" wrote:

Great advice ladies...its unfortunate though that most of these plus size maternity clothes are only online!! Frustrating...

It is a pain but I tried not to order from anyplace that I couldn't return to at a store, even when those stores didn't have the plus sizes in stock. Also, I would scour the code sites for free shipping if it wasnt' already available from the store.

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Motherhood, GAP, or Old Navy are your best bets!