So Sad

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So Sad

This board was hopping when I was pregnant with my first.

Now it's so dead and bleak.

There has to be more plus size mommas out there!

I'm still early, only 5wks and coming off of a loss back in June. Praying for a sticky bean!

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Sending lots and lots of Sticky vibes your way. I'm around and I lurk alot. But I'm not preggo, just the mod.

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Hi ladies! I have to say I am disappointed as well. I have posted in a couple of the threads, but have gotten no response. I am a plus size mommy and 2nd mommy to be. We are 7 weeks 2 days. YAY!

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My daughter just turned 3 and I loved this board when I was pregnant. I still like to pop by but it has gotten really slow - hopefully it will pick up.

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Currently Pregnant due Sept 5th. I too was hoping this board would be more active.

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Definitely sending sticky vibes your way... and congrats on this little one! I check in with this board here and there, but you're right, it usually is pretty quiet!

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:wavehello: Roxie, I'm HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Biggrin :D Biggrin Lets get this board rolling again!!

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im here!! We should get the board rolling i agree Smile

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Hello! I'm new to this! How are things going for you? I'm 11 wks and 6 days. Pray things are well with you!!