Posting Pictures from Flickr Tutorial

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Posting Pictures from Flickr Tutorial
OK.  I've been playing with this for a while and I THINK I have it!  HEre is how *I* post a picture from flickr:
1.  log onto flickr and go to your photostream, album, etc and select a photo:
2.  click on the "share this photo" icon (that looks like an arrow) near the bottom 
3.  that will bring a pop-up that looks something like this:
4.  on this pop up window, you need to make a few changes.  the first one is to change the image size property in the top drop down box:
I chose the highest of the medium options.
5.  the next thing I changed on this page was the radio button at the bottom.  It defaults to the "Embed" option, but I chagned it to the HTML button:
that brings up the code that could be used in any web page to insert a link to an image.
6.  now we have a block of code in the box that contains the URL for the image.  click on that box just above the radio buttons to select the code and copy it to your clip board.  
7.  From here you can either paste it directly into your post on or put it in a text window.  Regardless of where you put it, we still have a few more steps before an image will appear in our post.
Personally, I prefer the text window, but that is just a personal preference.
8. From here, we need to copy the URL for our image.  Look for the URL in your code block just after the part that says img src=" ... that will be followed by "" that is the part you need.
9.  Select and copy the URL (highlighted above) to your clip board.  NOW you are ready to get this posted on  Go to your post, reply, new topic, etc.  Just above the window where you type your post, there is a tool bar that looks like this:
10.  from this tool bar, we need to use the "insert image" icon:
11.  Clicking on the "insert image" icon will bring up the following pop up window:
12.  In the box just under the word URL, paste in the link to your image:
13.  Just press return once your URL is posted (or click the OK button at the bottom of the pop up window) and your image will appear in your post:
And that's the basic procedure.  You can always drop me a line if you run into problems!
I sure hope this will help some others post some pics so we can get this board moving again.  :D
Take care everyone!