Looking at going on meds

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Looking at going on meds

I had my son on April 6 2012, one month after my dad died. I could write a book about the million things weighing on me and my family.

Has anyone here been on meds? Which do you recommend (I am breastfeeding) and how long were you one them? I am hoping to just be on them for the short term.

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I was on prozac at the time of my pregnancy and breast feeding. It did not seem to effect my son at all. They had to up the dosage after I gave birth as I had severe PPD. I am now on Effexor and the doctor says that is ok for pregnancy/breast feeding.

here is a website you can look up different meds http://www.safefetus.com/

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I started on Zoloft while I was bfing DS. It was safe and effective. Hope this helps!


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I'm taking celexa while bfing. I didn't take it while preg, but I had such bad ppd after dd1 was born that my dr decided I should just start on meds as soon as dd2 was born. I took it until dd1 was about 14 months because that's when she started sttn...lol.
I will probably do the same this time, start weaning myself off when I'm getting more sleep.

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i was on zoloft after my son but i wasn't breastfeeding him. but i hear zoloft is safe for breastfeeding