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PP anxiety

You hear a lot about PPD, but has anyone experienced anxiety? I have been having severe worries about my own health. I've been to the ER twice, the OB once, and my family doc once, all in the last week. I have been convinced that I have a horrid debilitating illness (MS), as well as clots and or bleeding in my brain, heart attack, meningitis... just insane worries that I'm dying and won't be there for my kids. I shake like a leaf all day and can barely eat/drink. I saw OB doc yesterday bc I knew I NEEDED medication. I started Zoloft yesterday since it helps with both anxiety and depression and is safe for BFing. I hate knowing it takes a couple weeks to kick in. I just want to feel better and enjoy my LOs.

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Sorry it's taken me so long to poke my nose in over here. I had PPD/PPanxiety with my first child. Zoloft is a miracle worker. I hope it's helping you and that you're feeling more 'in control' now. Please keep me posted.