**Sigh** (pg ment/loss ment/ttc ment)

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**Sigh** (pg ment/loss ment/ttc ment)

I had my loss 2 months ago. I was starting to feel OK with myself. We have just started ttc again (the charting is so much stress). I just want to have a baby!

When I got to work today my best friend told me she is pg. She only just found out but 4 monts ago she had a chemical pg and I was there through her loss. I am happy for her but I didn't know she was ttc again and she knew I was. I think it was just a shock to hear. I thought I was ok, but I just want to be pregnant again and have my baby!

I know she must have felt the same when I told her I was pg. I don't know what to think. I don't know if I'm happy or sad!

I just needed to vent. Thank you

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I totally understand. I recently found out that a girl who had a miscarriage at the same time as me is pregnant again while I'm in a never-ending anno cycle and have no chance. While I'm happy for her, I feel like I've lost the only friend who could know what I'm going through. It just makes it seem all the more like everyone else is pregnant but us! ((((HUGS))))

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Just wanted to send you some :bighug:


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Im so sorry hun, its so hard. The words 'im pregnant' are my most feared words at the moment (unless of course it is me saying them! lol) Everyone around me is pg at the moment, and I cannot bear it. I understand you not knowiing how to feel as she has also suffered a loss too. I always find it easier to accept knowing that someone has felt the pain then managed to get pg again. I guess I just feel like they really deserve it. Even then though I still wish it was me. Im on af at the moment, and it just drives me nuts, im TTC again and it all just takes so long!! I have been on this journey almost a year including my pg that I lost, and I just want my baby already!! Its normal to feel the way you do. Sending you lots of hugs and comfort.

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Stay positive. I made a New Years Resolution this year to be more positive. I really think it made a huge difference.

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Thinking of you. :comfort::bighug::comfort::bighug:


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Oh sweetie. I can only imagine what you are feeling. I hope that the baby dust sticks to you and very soon. Best of luck.


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:bighug: I am sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage on February 1, and I have a friend who is due on May 16. She is a really nice person, and I am happy for her, but at the same time, I am also jealous that she can get pregnant and have a baby so much more easily than I can. I think that it is normal to be confused when a friend is pregnant, but I also think that if a woman has had a loss, when she does have a healthy baby, she has earned it. Knowing that she has been through the same thing would make me feel better. Good luck on your TTC journey. I hope you get your BFP soon!