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I went to my dr's appt... my cervix wasn't closing I was passing huge clots and bleeding and cramping really bad. I ended up having to go for a D&C very painful well I found it was, but at least it is done and over with now.

I asked my dr questions and he told me that everything came back normal, so he figures there was something wrong genetically and that my body did the right thing. He said I can try again once my period comes back but I asked to be put on b/c bc this pregnancy wasn't planned it just happened and well it wasn't a bad thing just wasn't the right time.

I find myself upset alot about the whole thing and then looking at my beautiful 2 year old I know what I had lost... I just really want my body to be back to normal and I want to stop bleeding that would be nice.

Thanks you guys for listening to me:)

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I'm sorry, nothing like salt in the wound. It will get better, hang in there.

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Hugs! I think after having children the reality of m/c can hit your harder.

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I'm sorry that you had to end up with a D&C, but hopefully your body will start healing now. I understand what you mean about looking at your daughter and realizing what was really lost. It's so hard...I look at my girls and it breaks my heart to know that I lost another miracle. I hope you are feeling better soon :bigarmhug:

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Echoing Holly Anne. My hope is that now you are allowed to begin your healing journey. ((HUGS)))


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When I lost my first I asked for B/C too. My Dr. thought it was really smart of me to wait until I was emotionally stronger before trying again. B/C is a hard decision to make right after a M/C (at least, I thought it was-I thought it made it seem like I didn't want the baby when I did of course). I'm glad you were able to make a choice that feel right for you. I'm sorry for your loss. Planned or not, children already or noe, a loss is so hard.

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Thanks! I have FINALLY stopped bleeding a month later exactly a month... still cramping really bad though. but I am sure that will stop soon I hope!

Yeah I couldn't handle getting pregnant right now, and then the chances that it may or may not happen or something might go wrong emotionally I couldn't do it!

I hope you all are doing good!

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Huge hugs. I know how you are feeling exactly.