10/20 check in (m/c, preg, child ment)
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Thread: 10/20 check in (m/c, preg, child ment)

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    Default 10/20 check in (m/c, preg, child ment)

    Hello ladies!

    Just wanted to see how everyone was doing. Did anybody do anything super special for October 15th Pregnancy and Infant loss day?

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    Hi! I know I don't check in enough here...

    For PIL Day I posted some stuff on facebook, switched up my siggy for the day and had a few good cries.... oh and lots of prayer, and lit two candles. One for taylin, and one for every little life. I even made a new friend on facebook! That was pretty sweet...

    As my DD approaches, I am feeling better than I thought I would. Being able to TTC (or at least not prevent, lol) has somehow made the healing much easier. Not sure how, but it works!

    And My Mommy will be here on November 21st (day after DD) so I am just thrilled beyond belief. She could not come at a better time!

    Prayers and thoughts for everyone.. I hope you are all doing well!

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    That is awesome your mom is coming out. {hugs}

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