1st birthday to my angel

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1st birthday to my angel

My angel Rebecca. Today was to be your due date one year ago, so today we would have been celebrating your first birthday. It has been a hard day for me and your daddy. We thought about what you would look like now and how it would have been so fun watching you blow out your candles. Daddy and I celebrate/mourn your birth twice a year. The day your were born still, June 18, 2007 and your due date, today.

Most days I am fine but during this holiday season and your due date I have a really hard time. I miss you so much. I bought you an ornament of an angel with your name engraved on it. You touched us in so many ways. We will always love and remember you. I cherished the time I had with you and the only regret I have is that I couldn't hold onto you longer.
Happy Birthday my angel. Until we get to hold you once more.
Forever and always. I love you

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Angel Kisses Rebecca!

Give Lily a big hug from me.

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Happy Birthday to your angel.

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Happy birthday, Angel Rebecca.

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I'm always here for you....

Love you,

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Happy Birthday sweet Rebecca.

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Happy Birthday sweet angel! Give all our babies hugs and kisses!