1st time of remembrance

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1st time of remembrance

Well yesterday was my first time celebrating/remembering babies lost. We sent up balloons and lit a candle. I feel strange today. It is hard to explain. I am not sad, but not quite at peace. I don't know if this is part of the healing process or not. I did not cry at all yesterday. I just thought how lucky I was to have had a chance to hold my angel and how lucky I am that I have a supportive, loving husband. Strange, huh?
I thought I would feel at peace but I don't think that is what I am feeling, maybe it is the beginning stages of acceptance. I still feel a small ache in my heart but I am not sobbing or hysterical for once. I am not sure of this feeling I just want to vent alittle and to wish you all a great week.

I hope yesterday was a time of good remembrance for many. Our angels are so lucky to have eachother in heaven.


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Robin...Sounds like yesterday was a bit of a milestone for you....I agree with your thoughts about yesterday...the beginning stages of acceptance..

Hoping all our angels on this board find one another :bighug:


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I had a balloon release the day before as that was a day I just "had to". I felt a kind of peace knowing that I sent a message and she got it.I to didn't feel sad yesterday but not "complete" either.I just find peace knowing she has others to comfort her up there and someday we will meet again.

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all things through time. yesterday may have been just what you needed for your heart and your mind to get in synch a little better. Shelly

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I'm glad you found a little bit of peace...