2 years since I lost my Rebecca

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2 years since I lost my Rebecca

Well today is the 2 year anniversary of my 1st loss. I feel sad but strangely calm....last year I was a reck and cried all day. This morning my husband went off to college classes and did not even mention Rebecca's name. I know life goes on..it has, two miscarriages since and still no baby here at home.

I miss her so much, I long to hold her one more time. I want to say goodbye again.

Pregnant woman still annoy the heck out of me. I miss my baby girl:( It seems like almost everyone has forgotten about my baby girl.

Just venting.

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Rebecca is not forgotten my dear. She will be forever loved and forever missed. Damien's second angelversary is coming up entirely too fast for my liking.

I am grateful to hear that you have a calm this year. :bigarmhug:

You are in my thoughts and prayers my love.

~Damien~ July 31,2007

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She will never be forgotten. Thats why God makes woman the Mommies... Because we never forget.

Thinkning of you on your very very hard day.

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On my year anniversary, my hubby didn't say anything either. I think they just del diffrently. They want to forget. It's too hard for them to remember. That's what I think anyway. Sorry for your loss and I know how you feel. Dates are hard.

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I am sorry for your loss. I know it makes it harder when you still have an empty crib. Hugs.

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I'm sorry that this day was hard for you. Your angel will never be forgotten, but hopefully the memory will become less painful and gentler.

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Rebecca will never be forgotten hun! I hope that as each year goes on the pain is a little less and that you will soon have a little one for Rebecca to look over from above!

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I agree Rebecca will never be forgotten. Massive massive squeezy hugs from accross the other side of the world.

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My DH doesn't mention our baby much either, especially around her birthday and due date, unless I bring her up. I asked him about it one day and he said he doesn't talk about her because he doesn't want to upset me. It seems that many DH's are just trying to be strong for us and trying to keep us from hurting. They don't realize that by not mentioning our LO's we hurt just as much, if not more. Your sweet Rebecca is remembered and loved...