4 hours in the ER (m.c confirmed)

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4 hours in the ER (m.c confirmed)

My levels dropped from 16066 on thursday to just over 8000 tonight. I am not getting a d&c tomorrow, its almost 2am allready i cannot go to get it done at 830. I am going to wait a few days and see if i can progress naturally if not i am going to find a new doctor to do get the procedure done, i am so fed up with this office i went to. Just wanted to give a heads up, i feel better now that i had another beta done.

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I am so sorry about your loss hun Sad :bigarmhug: i hope your m/c happens naturally for you so you wont need surgery. I don't know if you remember me but we were on the same birth board Jan 2008. I am sorry to see you have had to make your way over to this board as well. Keep us updated if you need anything you can always pm me..or i also have you on my myspace friends list i think. Feel better!!!

BTW i started my m/c naturally 5 days ago and am still going through it. If you have any questions or anything im here for you!!


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Oh, no. I'm so, so sorry, sweetie. PM me if you want to talk or cry or whatever.



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I am so sorry.


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I know I already posted on the April board, but I wanted to send you another :bighug: over here. It stinks that any of us have to be here, but at least we have others who can help us through. Hang in there...


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I'm so sorry for your loss.