AF approaching and feeling blue
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Thread: AF approaching and feeling blue

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    Default AF approaching and feeling blue

    Well it is a week before af and I feel awful. I have a migraine today and my body is tired. I know this is a normal monthly thing for me but it is so frustrating. I am just wondering what you ladies do if you have these awful symptoms. What helps you get through.

    I woke up this morning feeling really sad. It could be hormones, it could be the realization that Rebecca's due date past and she really isn't here. It could be the darn holidays approaching, so many reasons to be sad trying hard to find reasons to be happy.

    I also am not going back to work now until Jan 2 when the new marking period begins. The doctors wanted to up my meds to see if they help through the PMS phase. They have, I usually fall apart on day 14 of my cycle now it is day 21 and I am just having these feelings.

    I guess I am just wondering if any of you suffer from bad PMS and what helps you get through the migraines, tiredness, and depression.

    Thanks for listening. I really appreciate you ladies. Thanks for all the hugs yesterday, I really needed them.


    PS I consider you ladies my cyber family and I don't think I could have gotten through the last 6 months without you.

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    Have youever considered going to see a naturopath? He/she may be able to help you through these symptoms. Also I do a search for PMS and see what has helped others.

    My PMS is mild by comparisson so I am not able to share much. I know that Vitamin B is very important in helping those symptoms. You might ask your doctor to check if your body needs vitamin B by injection. But if you aren't taking it orally that would be my first suggestion.

    Hope this helps. Hugs.

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    I just wanted to send you (((hugs))).

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    I'm really sorry you're suffering with this PMS. You totally dont need that on top of everything else!!

    I've just ordered some Vitex Agnus Castus and Evening Primrose Oil. Here's what the net says about them:

    Vitex Agnus Castus:
    Agnus castus has been used for thousands of years for its beneficial affect on the female hormonal system. Modern research has confirmed this use, the seeds being used to restore balanced functioning to the female reproductive system[254]. The seeds and fruits are anaphrodisiac, aphrodisiac, galactogogue, ophthalmic, sedative, stomachic, women's complaints[89, 148, 165]. Prolonged usage restores corpus luteum function[165]. Unfortunately, the berries are unlikely to be produced in the British climate[K]. The berries of this plant have a range of medicinal actions but possibly the most important is its ability to rectify hormonal imbalances caused by an excess of oestrogen and an insufficiency of progesterone[224]. It acts upon the pituitary gland, reducing the production of certain hormones and increasing the production of others, shifting the balance in favour of the gestagens. Thus it has a wide application of uses in malfunctions of the feminine reproductive system and has been used with great effect in restoring absent menstruation, regulating heavy periods, restoring fertility when this is caused by hormonal imbalance, relieving pre-menstrual tension and easing the change of the menopause[224]. Some caution is advised since excessive doses can cause a nervous disorder known as formication, which manifests as a sensation of insects crawling over the skin[238]. The berries are considered to be an aphrodisiac[89], though other reports say that they are anaphrodisiac[11, 46]. The reason for this apparent disagreement is that the berries have a regulating effect on the body and so are likely to increase sexual activity in those who are not very active in this area whilst reducing it in those who are very active[K]. The fresh berries are pounded to a pulp and used in the form of a tincture for the relief of paralysis, pains in the limbs, weakness etc[4].

    Evening Primrose Oil:
    EPO has been shown to be beneficial for a wide range of conditions.
    Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) – has been shown to eradicate swollen abdomen and breast discomfort as well as reducing irritability and depression.
    Eczema and other skin disorders – available on prescription for eczema Psoriasis may be helped by EPO and Fish Oils.
    Cholesterol and Blood Pressure – has been shown to reduce high serum cholesterol and blood pressure, but may take several weeks or longer to achieve.
    Rheumatoid Arthritis – sufferers have discontinued use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs after supplementation, but it is more effective when taken in conjunction with fish oils.
    Alcoholism – may make withdrawal easier, and reduce post-drinking depression.
    Immune System – low levels of essential fatty acids may stop the action of interferon, and body’s natural virus killer.
    Other conditions – Obesity, Benign Breast Disease, Childhood Hyperactivity and Schizophrenia have all been shown to be helped by EPO supplementation.

    Sarah. x

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    Thanks for all the love and advice.
    I am already taking B12 to help with depression. I have to be careful of other herbs because the can interfere with me prescription drugs. But thanks for the information.

    Anger has set in for my loss. I guess I am moving along in the grieving process. I feel like beating on something and screaming. DH has been awesome.


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    I get horrible menstrual migraines. When I feel one coming on, I take two excedrin migraine, suck down a diet pepsi (or other caffeinated beverage) and eat a little chocolate. It helps and even when it doesn't help as much as I would like, I feel better after chocolate. I just try to not bite everyone's head off by reminding myself that I am in the clutches of hormones.

    Sorry I can't be more help than that.


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