AF has arrived... mixed feelings (m/c & TTC ment)

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AF has arrived... mixed feelings (m/c & TTC ment)

Hi girls,

Well, my first AF since my m/c has started today. I have been PMSing like made for the past week and she has finally showed today (thank goodness - DH and I were about to strangle each other). While I am happy that we are back on the road to TTC again, I also got quite sad last night (when I felt AF coming) because it reminded me so much of my m/c. Sad When I miscarried, I had been spotting for about a week, then on the Sunday afternoon, I started getting cramps and back pain, and bleeding a lot. Yesterday (Sunday), after spotting for 4 or 5 days, I started getting cramps and back pain, and it just felt like my m/c all over again. Having that exact same pain at the same time on a Sunday reminded me of what I went through 5 weeks ago. Sad I am feeling a bit better about it today, but it really got me down last night. Sad


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I'm so sorry, Bec.


It just seems like life throws us so many curves and I know how the mixed emotions of getting back to ttc and the reminders of your loss can really get you down. I'm glad that you're feeling a bit better today and just know that I'm thinking about ya!


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I am sorry about AF Sad

Know that we are all here for you...

I hope today you are feeling a bit better.. ((HUGS))


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