AF is here and driving me crazy (TMI)

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AF is here and driving me crazy (TMI)

Well I stopped Birth control on Saturday night. That was my last pill. I started to spot on Tuesday, just brown no big deal. Well now AF is here in full force. I am bleeding heavily and having good size clots. I looked on line and it says it is normal especially if you go off b/c pills because your hormones have to readjust. I am not bleeding so much that I am soaking a pad it is just a very crampy, heavy period.

My anxiety however has decreased since stopping the pill. If I have to go one it again I will ask for Loestrin 24 I have read really good things about that pills it has the lowest amount of hormones in it.

Hopefully my anxiety and depression will continue to decrease and I can begin to feel "normal" again.

Have a good day everyone.

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AF is a real witch (not the word I wanted to type!). Glad to know the anxiety is lessening. Hope that continues.

I'm off to Staples to by more sticky things for our datawall. (Which means I may as well stop in the Starbucks drive thru!)

Have a great day and don't let AF get the best of you. Her arrival means less anxiety. Think positive.


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I am so not looking forward to getting AF again. Your post made me think that again. I just stopped bleeding from giving birth (5 whole weeks!).

I'm glad you are feeling better since stopping the pill. I hope this other pill is better for you. I know when I was taking them I had to go through a few before I found the right one.

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Sorry to hear about the meanness of AF. I hope that you find whatever works the best for you.


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Sorry AF is being so mean to you, am glad you feel less deperessed though. I hope what ever works best for you is done. KUP


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