AF question (m/c ment)

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AF question (m/c ment)

unfortunately there are many of us on here who have had a m/c and I was wondering how long it took for your AF to return afterwards. with the m/c I had back in april AF showed back up right on time and I was back on schedule. however with this one I had in august AF still hasn't showed. I feel like I am having the worst case of PMS which DH will back up but no AF. I'm sure its normal for it to take a while for it to return but I thought that I would ask you ladies that had been through this. thanks!

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My first 2 m/c it was about 6 weeks or so after.

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Mine was about around on schedule, I think it was 38 days or so after my D&C. Which is pretty normal for my cycles. I would guess that you're body is just taking a while to kick back in gear.

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I had d&cs both times, it was 36 days from the day of the procedure. I think there is a range of normal. If it has been over 6wks I would call your doc and see how long they think you should wait.

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I like how Rachel put it: "a range of normal". I think she's right.

Took a while for AF to return after my m/c's. My ob/gyn told me that my body had just been through an unusual and traumatic experience, so it takes a while for the body to right itself again. This made sense to me.

And after a few months, I've been like clockwork ever since.


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I think it was about six weeks for me...


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Mine was 4 weeks fter the d&c

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I had a natural m/c @ 12wks. I ended up in the hospital for hemarraging. I bleed for a week. AF came exactly 28 days from my LAST day of bleeding from the m/c; 36 days in all,I think. I know how frustrating it is, you just want things to get back to normal.

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My d&c in June took 35 days for af to return.