Almost 3 months since MC (children ment)

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Almost 3 months since MC (children ment)

Hi Everyone... I had a miscarriage back in the beginning of December. We lost our little angel on December 2nd at 11 weeks. He (we felt it was a boy) stopped growing around 8 weeks. I have been having a really hard time coming to terms with this. Some days I do great, and then others I just want to fall apart. My two kids are the only thing that are getting me through this. It seems EVERYONE is having their babies right now, and it is absolutely driving me nuts!

My husband and I have seemed to be suffering also. Our physical relationship has all but diminished. I feel that I just can not get pregnant again now and go through this again. I wind up in tears every time we try to be together. I'm sure this has to do with the miscarriage, and I also started BC pills after the miscarriage. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else, or if we are the only ones having this problem.

Thanks for your responses in advance.

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Hugs Ash, I am so sorry for your loss. This board does not see a lot of traffic, so I'm sorry I did not respond sooner, the pregnancy and infant loss support board has a bit more traffic though, please feel free to vent here or there, or anywhere! Smile

My two children kind of forced me to keep it together with my last loss, I knew how much they needed me, and I needed them to, to hug and hold. My heart goes out to you.

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Sorry my response is so late. DH and I also had some "issues" in the BD area after each of our m/c with me feeling distant and not wanting to be together. BC has always diminished my desire though. I am so sorry you are having a difficult time.