almost had a breakdown christmas shopping
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Thread: almost had a breakdown christmas shopping

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    Default almost had a breakdown christmas shopping

    I went shopping with my mom and sisters the day after T-giving and almost had a breakdown in the middle of the mall. It seemed that all around me I saw pg people and babies. It's not that I begrudge others their babies...I just want mine back. If I had not m/c in June I would be in my 3 rd trimester and huge, decorating a baby's room and shopping for a baby. If I had not m/c in Oct I would just be starting to show and again would have been looking for baby clothes etc. I just want my baby.

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    I'm sorry, Holidays can really suck sometimes.

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    Hugs hon. I feel very much the same. Little babies and pregnant bellies really do me in.

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    I sure hear ya! This is exactly why I have come back here to post. All I know are preg gals and babies these days. We are going to a party tomorrow with several of our friends that JUST had babies. I feel like its a club and I wasnt invited I was due in March and struggle constantly in the fact that I would have been having MY baby and I would be having a wonderful holiday with a big belly. It really really sucks! Some days are certianly better than others. All I know is that an understanding ear really makes my day. At least we know that here we all understand and sympathize without the judgement.

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