Am I over the line?

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Am I over the line?

On Saturday and Sunday I got (+) HPT, I was 3 days late. Monday morning it turned into a (-) test and then I started bleeding, I was 4 weeks 3 days. My cycle is usually 26 days.

I have had a number of M/C, this is my sixth. Last night Dh and I were in bed watching TV.
I said something and he replied the he "wanted to get laid". I asked his he forgot what was going on. So, he flew off the handle and said I was only pg for "like two minuntes" and was crazy to call it a chemical pregnancy or m/c. It went on from there.

Now, I was not crying or carrying on all day. Yes, it hurts and sucks. But I have tow beautiful boys, we adopted Jonathan from Korea in 2005 b/c I could not get pg. Alex kind of came along a year later.

Do I not have the right to be a little upset? Is there some magical number of weeks when you are allowed to be sad? DH seems to think I have to be 8-10 weeks along before I show any emotion.

To me it was a baby no matter what the age. I think I grieve more at this point for what could have been and my two days of being excited and happy.

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You are not over the have every right to be upset-no matter how far along you are, losing a baby is losing a baby. it's so much easier for the man b/c they aren't dealing with the physical aspects of a pregnancy like we do. have you gone to the dr yet? i would go and make sure that's what it was, and that everything is clear. maybe if your husband would go with you it would make him understand more. he could just be denying it because you've had previous m/c...

hope your day gets better.


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I am so sorry. Husband don't bond as quickly as we do. As soon as we see th + sign we have hopes and dreams for them. No you are not over the line.

Thinking of you,

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I am sorry for your loss and do not think that you were over the line one bit. I think that we all become emotionally vested from the second that second line shows up. I hope that things get better for you soon.


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I dont think you were over the line at all. Husbands have ti hard the idea of taking him to the dr sounds very good. Take care of yourself and do have a dr appointment.