Amazing, fabulous, wonderful news!!!!! (baby & preg ment)

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Amazing, fabulous, wonderful news!!!!! (baby & preg ment)

I'm always harping on about getting checked for vasa praevia if you are in a risk group (low placenta, multiples, IVF pregnancy, bleeding etc.)

I know some people think i'm a looney to keep on pushing the issue, but i won't stop because i wish someone had warned me about it cause then our son Zane would still be here and no doubt being a little bugger at 2 years old! Smile

Anyhoo, i just have to share the email i got the other day from Stacey (Spacers on here).

You saved a baby’s life!

A few months ago I was training for a charity walk and one of my teammates was expecting a baby that was being carried by a surrogate. She mentioned that the surrogate had had placenta previa but the placenta had moved and everything was great. I asked if they had checked for vasa previa and she didn’t know but she said the doctor told them that if the placenta moves then all is well. I told her a bit about your story and I encouraged her to look into it. I got an email from her over the weekend, and it turns out the surrogate DID have vasa previa! A c-section was performed at week 36 and her baby boy is fine & healthy -- because of you! I’d never heard about vasa previa before you lost your sweet Zane. I just needed to tell you.

I read it and had to go away and process the information for a little while. Then i read it again and again and again and have read it about a million times!!! I can't tell you just how happy i am to hear of this baby being safe!! It brings me so much joy to know that this woman doesn't have to go through what we went through!

Anyway. I just wanted to share. Smile &

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Wow! Little Zane is hard at work being an Angel.

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That gave me the chills. Thanks for sharing!

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Aww! Hugs to you and sweet Zane too! TFS Sarah!

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Sarah, this is soooooo wonderful! Way to go!

And how are you doing, my dear? How's the pregnancy going?


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This is what the boards are all about. women helping women! Congrats to you!!!

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That's awesome Sarah!

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That is awesome news, yes you and Zane are heros.