Anniversary / birthday (loss, living child mentioned)

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Anniversary / birthday (loss, living child mentioned)

Well, today is a rough day... tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary when we found out we lost our son and they induced me. I gave birth to him on the 22nd and we burried him the day before Thanksgiving. Rough few days ahead of me. With time the pain isn't so raw but it's still there. Since living those days time has been so warped... as often times it doesn't feel 2 yrs ago. I am able to hold onto our baby girl born 9 months ago and that lessens the ache but I still miss and have a hole in my heart for Reid.

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"We are weary and grieved. We were anticipating the birth of a child, but the promise of life was ended too soon. Our arms yearned to cradle new life, our mouths to sing soft lullabies. Our hearts ache from the emptiness and the silence. We are saddened and we are angry. We weep and we mourn. Weep with us for the life that could not be.

Source of healing, help us to find healing among those who care for us and those for whom we care. Shelter us under wings of love and help us to stand up again for life even as we mourn our loss."

--Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, from Lifecycles: Jewish Women on Life Passages and Personal Milestones

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I am very sorry for you loss. Hugs!