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I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and had my D&C last wednesday. My doctor called today and said that the pathology showed "inflammation" and that she wanted me to take antibiotics, just to be on the "safe" side. Has anyone had this happen? She said it is fairly common if you don't have a D&C right away and try to let it pass. Which is what I did. She said it can be the start of an infection. The other thing is that I was on Zithromax at the time of the surgery b/c I had Bronchitis. I guess it was good that I was taking antibiotics.

Thanks for listening...Melissa

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I am so sorry for your loss Sad It is good that your are taking the antibiotic...Possible infection is nothing that you want to mess with...Sounds like your doctor is on top of things..

As far as it being fairly common to have inflammation? I can't comment on that...I have never been told that I had inflammation and needed an antibiotic. Though, after one of my D&C's I was put on one as a precautionary measure..

I am sure that one of the ladies here may be of more help regarding the above..

Sending many :bighug: too you..


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:bigarmhug: I am sorry for your loss. I miscarried on February 1; I was 8 weeks along. I had a natural miscarriage, so I don't know much about D&Cs, but I think that antibiotics are a good idea after any surgical procedure, just to be on the safe side. Infections can get very bad, and you already have enough to deal with as it is. You are in my thoughts and prayers.