Antiphospholipid antibodies???????????????????????????

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Antiphospholipid antibodies???????????????????????????

Also known as lupus anticoagulant or anticardiolipin antibodies. Does anyone have this? Does anyone know how common this is? Does anyone know anything about it?

I went to my OB today and she is classifying me as having "multiple m/c's" and suggested that I see a high risk Dr and get a full blood work up to test for all kind of things but this is the only one she really mentioned.

I don't understand how my two losses can be connected? My first was at 20 weeks, 3 days due to placental abruption and my most recent loss was at 4-5 weeks. I brought this up to my OB and she agreed and said they were two totally different situations. Do you think if I had the antibody thing it could cause both of these losses that were totally different?

Also, is a loss at 20 weeks a m/c if the she was born alive and moving? I don't consider that a m/c but my OB is saying I have had 2 m/c now.

Today was a VERY overwhelming appt and gave me a lot to think about. I am going to get a 2nd opinion at another OB that came highly recommended to me next Friday. Then I have a consultation with a high risk Dr on September 6th. Can anyone help ease my mind about this? I am really freaking out that I have some blood clotting disorder now and that's why I have had two losses. Help!


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Alot of doctors consider a *miscarriage* which means, *early pregnancy loss*...up to 20wks. This is probably why your doctor used the term....

I dislike when labels (well, the ones doc's use) are put on loss...I prefer first tri loss, 2nd tri loss, or 3rd tri loss....

Regardless as to when these losses are, they are the loss of a very real baby...

As far a the AA goes....Not to sure on that one...I did do research on it in the past...Just can't remember how it would affect a pregnancy further along...I will look into it for you though..

If you do have a blood clotting disorder...Try not to worry to much...Lot's of women on have these disorders, and have gone on to have healthy babies with the help of medication..

If I find anything...I will post tomorrow....

Hang in there! :bighug:


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Thank you Marie. I tried to research it but I don't know if I am looking up the right thing or not.

I tend to be a worry wart so things like this eat me alive until I find out for sure. So I can't wait to get the blood work which I can't get for 6 weeks! AAGGGHHH! Smile

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In the on this board (there are 3 others, post on them as well)

There are many RE's that will answer your question fairly quickly....I would post and ask if you had AA, if this could cause a loss at 20wks, if untreated, as well....This way, you will know for sure, if you you end up being diagnosed with AA, that this was/was not possibly the cause..

Sorry the wait is sooooooo long...I remember having to wait....aaggghhh is right!! My results did come in within 5 wks maybe...


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Hi, saw your post and wanted to tell you what I know. Lupus anticoagulant as you well said is a disorder that causes increase clotting. Subsequently it can be associtaed with multiple pregnancy losses, specially in the second trimester although first trimester ones may happen as well. That's why Dr's test you for it if you have had several losses especially with one at 20 weeks like you.
That being said, as Marie said many ladies go on to have normal pregnancies later. Just need help form medications which in many cases is just aspirin!!!!. So try not to worry too much and just wait and see what the results are. Nevertheless, I would have those tests done if I were you. Just to be more informed and try to get as much information as possible if it is something that can be prevented in the future.

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I'm sorry for your losses. I have APA. It is an autoimmune disease where you body turns against blood vessels and may lead to blood clots. I am hearing about it more and more, only b.c people are being tested.
APA or ACA can lead to blood clots between the pracenta and the uterus, which results in fetal death. L/C ment.

I took Lovenox with Alex until about 35 weks. it is a long acting form of heperin and is an injection. At 35 weeks I switched to heparin in case I went into labor as it is shorter acting. Alex was born in November. My BF also has it and had her son in 2004. On a side note, APA is funny as you can test positive one week and not the next week.
Once you are diagnosed, most women go on to hav e healthy children.
Good luck, PM if you have any questiions.