anxiety after a m/c (m/c ment)

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anxiety after a m/c (m/c ment)

This is something I forgot to bring up before when sharing my experience of m/c. Might be important to someone.

Immediately after my m/c I decided to stay home for 3 weeks with my DH to recover. We were content on just being together. When it was time to go out places like the mall or anywhere really I noticed I felt this extreme anxiety. It felt like people were looking at me...almost like they knew or they were giving me criticizing glares. This wasn't the case but it was how I felt. I 100% felt I didn't belong out there.

When returning to work I still had the anxiety. If I was approached on a difficult matter at work or pressing task I would literally shake inside. It felt like I was cold all the time but I think the shivers were just within. When driving if another driver cut me off I would get so bent out of shape my heart would race.

I was lucky in that when I realized this was the onset of a possible anxiety disorder I was able to ease myself through it and a little over a month past my m/c it went away. I refused seeking meds from the doctor because I wanted to being my ttc journey. I was able to get myself through at that time.

These days as the stresses of my job, home and the fact that a/f is on her way become too much, I realized I am letting the anxiety overwhelm me again. Anxiety didn't exist to me before my m/c but it came on with a vengence after my m/c. I wanted to share this with you all so you can being to recognize signs of acute anxiety. It is a difficult thing to realize you are experiencing it but knowledge is power. If we can find a place either physically or emotionally where the anxiety is lessened we could begin to heal a little aster.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sure it will help many out there.....

you are right, knowledge is power!!


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Thanks for sharing! I suffer from anxiety too. It sucks!

But, for those who read this, there are medications that are safe to take during ttc.

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Thank you for sharing this. I felt this same way after my last loss and at the time I told everyone that I wasn't depressed, but I really was...I just don't think I really believed that I was. The extreme sadness, every day crying over anything and I would also get so upset over the littlest things.

Since I refused to believe I was depressed I didn't seek medical help, but rather spiritual help and that worked for me and I too made it through. I also agree knowledge is power. It helps to know what is going on.