Anyone else feeling this? (MC ment)

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Anyone else feeling this? (MC ment)

I know its still so new... and in time it will fade. But today is the two week mark and I feel worse today than I have since the loss happened.

I don't just have one day that hurts worse... its like a 4 day trail... Thursday is the day I felt the pain then led me to the doc in the first place. Friday (today) is the day we got the news she was gone. Tomorrow is the day she was born, and Sunday will be the day we buried her. And every day hurts more than the last... I wish everything would have happened on ONE day. Then there would only be THAT day that I remembered. KWIM?

Thanks for listening... *sigh* this is poo...

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Sending hugs.

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I know what you mean. The 5th was when I went into my pcp's office for what I thought was a nasty stomach flu I couldn't shake, the 11th is when I went into my obgyn's office and was told the pregnancy was not viable, the 12th is when I had the d&c. I still know these dates, I know what day of the week each one was. But it has faded for me, although I really don't like the second thursday of the month, it just gives me a date to say "I would be x weeks along now..."
Hugs! I hope that it starts to ache a little less for you soon.

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Hugs hon. I do that too. I get stuck on the finding out day, actual day of d&c, due date, date I found out I was pg, it goes on and on, and it sucks.

Hugs and prayers!

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I also did that. Even the 2nd of every month. But as time has passed, even though I still think about it, it is not an every day thing like before. It will get a little easier as time goes by


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joee, i promise it will get better. i too remember it all. feb. 12 found out the baby was gone, and then had every day in between until feb 16 when i had the d&c. that was an awful week. i still remember every year. but it does get better. the pain lessens. you will always remember though. and that is ok. (((hugs)))

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April will always be the worst month of the year for me. I hate it. I ost two babies in April. I know how you feel. I don't know if it fades per say, as I"m still having bad days. But it does get easier to live a good daily life.