Anyone ever have an incomplete m/c?

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Anyone ever have an incomplete m/c?

I have to go to the m/w tomorrow afternoon. I m/c'd on Friday, but am still cramping and passing tissue. Anyone else ever had this happen?

*****TMI********I passed what appeared to be the placenta in several pieces. 2 on Friday, 1 Saturday and 1 today. I called the m/w because I didn't think it should be taking so long, and she asked me if I passed anything that was discernible as a baby. I told her no:( She said it would be best if I came in for an appointment to get it sorted out. I hope that after all I have gone through that I don't have to have a D&C on top of it.


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When I had my miscarriage, the doctor gave me 1 full day to miscarry on my own and then I had a D&C. I don't think I could have handled miscarrying on my own.

When I had my D&C, they brought me in, put me to sleep, and before I knew was over. I didn't have any pain that would have been normal with a miscarriage. I didn't have cramping, but I did have a lot of bleeding. I bled for 13 days. If I had to go back through it, I'd choose the D&C again. This way, I'm ensured that everything is cleaned out and taken care of.

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I know that some ppl do have to go in and have a d&c after a natural miscarriage, but I don't think it is terribly common. I also know of a few ppl that had to have a second d&c, because they did not get everything the first time. So either way, does not insure that you will pass everything. But, again, it is not common. I hope the u/s shows all is well, and you don't need a d&c. KUP.

Also, you may want to post this over on TTCAL, since more ppl post there, and you may get more responses.

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With two of my pregnancies I needed D&E and D&C's...with the twins, I needed a D&E and a D&C (ran into problems)

*Try* not to worry....Your mw should do an ultrasound to see if all is clear...If not, ask for a D&E, if it is less invasive...less chance of getting Ashers syndrome (scarring of the uterine walls which could cause implantation failure)

The above said...even though I had uterus is fine.

Hang in there :bighug: KUP....